Shelf-ish Intentions

Hello dear readers, and today I wanted to introduce a new topic that might become its own series: Shelf-ish Intentions. Essentially, I’ll be talking about the books on my bookshelf (aka glorified children’s cubby) that I haven’t read. How fun is that?

Now, we’ve all been there. You’re in a bookstore, or shopping online when a novel catches your eye. Maybe it’s the bold and unique cover, or a clever title, or maybe it’s a book recommended by a friend who just insists you would love it. So you add it to your cart, make the purchase, and go on your merry way with your new books.

Did you need new books? Absolutely not. But you bought them and now your shelf is taking on the wait of yet another pile of novels despite the lovely reads you haven’t managed to get to. Does this sound familiar or is this just a “me” problem?

Regardless, while you can find my to-read list on goodreads, I think the physical books in my possession deserve a shout out every once in a while. So let’s get our organization on and see if we can our shelf together, yeah? Also, now that you all know I have these books you can hold me accountable to read and review them. All images are taken from goodreads and you can click the title to view the novel on their site.

Cover of Black Wings Beating by Alex London featuring an illustration made up of small black silhouettes of birds and humans forming the shape of a wing.

Black Wings Beating (Alex London)

While, technically, I am in the process of reading this novel, it has been waiting patiently on the shelf for quite some time. London is an author I have long admired (ever since his Proxy series), and I am looking forward to being introduced to another fantastic and creative world.

Cover of Seraphina by Rachel Hartman featuring a fantasy style illustration with a green dragon and medieval buildings.

Seraphina (Rachel Hartman)

This series was recommended to me by a friend with the promise of LGBT characters in a fantasy setting. I have yet to read a fantasy series inclusive of queer identities, so my fingers are crossed that this will be a good one.

Cover of More Than This by Patrick Ness featuring an illustration of a yellow door opening in a complicated gridlike black and white pattern.

More Than This (Patrick Ness)

The blurb for this book is very intriguing—mystery and uncertainty make for a must-read by Nyla standards. On top of that, Patrick Ness is a notable MLM author who lends his voice to a MLM main character, and I am all for supporting LGBTQ+ writers!

Cover of Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy featuring an illustration of a blue toned girl sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool.

Ramona Blue (Julie Murphy)

I first became aware of this novel through reading through some responses to Bionic Bookworm’s Top 5 Tuesday prompt: Top 5 LGBTQ. So many bloggers recommended this book, and I added it to my to-read immediately! Within a few weeks I discovered that my roommate had bought the book already and was willing to let me borrow it. Woo-hoo!

Phew. Facing these lovely books that I’ve been snubbing for the last couple months was difficult. But now you all know the deep dark secrets of my shelf…or have we just scratched the surface? There’s a lot of books on my shelf right now that could probably use some updating. I’ll let y’all know if I find anything with another “Shelf-ish Intentions” post.

Until then, what books are sitting on your shelf that you’ve been “meaning to get around to” for the past weeks, months, or even years? Let me know in the comments below! And let us all make it a goal to get through these books before buying more. Or is that just wishful thinking?

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you all in the next one.

Sincerely yours,

Nyla Linn (She/Her)

Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Books on My Christmas List

Hello, dear readers, and today I’m trying something a bit different. Shanah, aka Bionic Book Worm has a series on her blog where she discusses her “Top 5 ___” with a bookish theme, and encourages other bloggers to do so as well. I thought I’d give it a try, so here are the Top 5 Books on My Christmas List: 

[Book Cover image of white woman looking over shoulder at viewer. Overtop is the title of the novel and three award stickers, including the Stonewall Book Award]

If I was Your Girl by Meredith Russo

[Book cover illustration of two women back to back and holding hands in a blue-scale background. One has a bow and sheath of arrows and the other is dressed as a princess and looking at a castle in the distance. The pair are small and located low on the cover whereas the title takes up most of the page in gold, intricate lettering]

Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst

[Book cover illustration of the back of a woman's head. She has tan/medium skin and an undercut with the title of the book shaved into her head with the rest of her curly hair piled atop her head in a neat bun]

Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera 

[Book cover image of a white woman in a bright green dress laying against a green background. Her eyes are not in frame and her lips and nails are a bright red. The title is centered over the cover]

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

[Book cover illustration of a young woman floating at the bottom of a pool. She has blue skin and dark hair and the water cuts off the title halfway, so that the first word is a light red and the second a light blue in the darker water, implying depth]

Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy

Obviously all of the novels here are LGBTQ+ themed and/or have queer protagonists. Also, here are the December Themes for Shanah’s Top 5 prompts, if you would like to try this for yourself. What books are you looking forward to this Holiday Season? 


Sincerely yours, 

Nyla Linn (She/Her)