We now have a Twitter!

Hello, dear readers, and I have some exciting news for y’all today! Over the weekend I created a Twitter account for myself in the context of the blog. You can look forward to blog update notifications, polls about what books I should read and/or review next, and little glimpses into my life as a writer, reader, and blogger. 

It will also be a community for you wonderful people to tell me what I could do to improve the blog, or content you want to see. Comments on here are great, but Twitter as a platform is great for on-the-go use so I can reply quickly and we can grow in our conversations more naturally. 

Additionally you may find tweets from authors I admire, discussion starters around queer representation, and quick thoughts on books I’m reading before the full review is published here. And I’d be happy to follow back anyone who is contributing to the LGBTQ+ literature space! You can either click the link here to find me, or search for my handle: linn_nyla. 

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you more deeply my love and thoughts on queer books and their contribution to seeing and normalizing LGBTQ+ individuals and relationships. Please continue to be considerate and thoughtful in your discussion and feel free to reach out to me through this new platform. 

Sincerely yours, 

Nyla Linn (She/Her)